As a forerunner in this field with an extensive experience, DutchExpo has developed software for organizing temporary or permanent fairs, specific to each industry. These virtual events aim to achieve the same or more results as traditional, physical exhibitions. Virtual events allow for companies to get out of the rigid corset of event formats. Event platforms such as DutchExpo offer a wide range of options in terms of design, communication and interaction with visitors.

  • Virtual Conferences and Fairs

    Virtual Conferences and Fairs are succesfull and powerfull tools for organisations of all sizes.

    Conference management overview
    To guarantee success while hosting a conference, exhibition, or tradeshow, you need the right technology to power your event. Great events don't just happen. It takes good management and the right tools. DutchExpo has developed an integrated management solution that will help you take your most complex events to the next level, so you can grow your business, retain customers, inspire employees, and maximize your ROI.

    Virtual event platforms enable events, such as:
     Virtual b2c an b2b events
     Virtual in-house exhibitions
     Virtual road shows
     Digital employee events
     Virtual training fairs

    Conversations, presentation, interaction, consolidating contacts and making new contacts - these are the key points of any event - included in a virtual event. Whether as a supplement to physical events or as a purely virtual trade show, training or in-house exhibition. The advantages of a virtual event are obvious: immense time and cost savings for everyone involved, the personnel costs are low, the range of your event is increased and you have an innovative marketing tool. Virtual events with DutchExpo can be implemented quickly and easily and the technical work is simply left to us.

  • Virtual Employee Events

    Provide exhibitors or sales teams with tools to collect leads and follow up after the event. Tie leads to your CRM system to track ROI and demonstrate the impact of your event.

    Cost reduction is a big advantage when organising a virtual internal event, because the event’s participants don’t need to spend any travel expenses. This also makes the organizing company a pioneer by reducing environmental strain. There are numerous ways of conducting an internal corporate event: internal field kick-off meetings and R&D conferences are two popular examples. Considering that such events are often used to exchange confidential information, very high security standards are required: a huge advantage of our DutchExpo technology.

    The easiest way to inform employees about the benefits offered by the organization to them is through virtual benefits fair. In an interactive environment, employees get to know about the benefits providers and learn about their best options.

    With the help of brochures, webinars, and presentations, employees get to make informed decisions. In case of any confusion, they can reach out to benefits providers through audio/video/text chat.

    An online benefits fair cuts the cost of flying in benefits providers for an information session, provides measurable insights and makes the whole process more convenient for everyone involved.

  • Virtual Career Fairs

    Our virtual event platform is developed with HTML5 for a seamless mobile experience and cross-platform support. We give you a virtual connection your candidates can enjoy anywhere.

    You’re never too far for customized support. With our experience of fairs we know the importance of personal assistance. Our representatives are available so you'll never worry about reaching someone.
    Whether crossing borders or looking for a local candidate, virtual job fairs help you find the audience you’re looking for. With a larger pool of candidates, you can find the best talent for your company or organization.

    While job boards are strong in the digital industry, they need to constantly evolve and continue innovating. One way to do this is to invite your candidates to virtual career fairs. With an abundance of job postings at their fingertips. Virtual fairs is the next big step in today’s technology-driven world. Employers will be happy to chat with potential employees via the chat options and can share as much information about their brand as they’d like. Your future employees want to communicate online - not only for personal amusement, but also for finding jobs! As well as increased reach, virtual career fairs have other benefits as well: such events do not only reach starting professionals, but they also reach seasoned professionals who are not actively in search of a job and will not attend physical career fairs. A virtual career fair can be conducted jointly by several companies to present themselves as potential employers; or a single company uses the exclusiveness of their own virtual career event.

  • Virtual Press and Marketing Events

    Online events can be used both to generate new leads as well as to communicate with existing clients, business partners, and the press. Here, information may be transmitted via video in the Keynote Theater or at virtual booths. In addition, it is possible to interact directly with clients, partners, and representatives of the press through the integration of private chats and public group chats.

    Marketing groups can greatly benefit from virtual fairs. By offering networking opportunities for their clients, they can ensure their clients’ success. Newspapers and radio stations already have a great audience, but may need help bringing them all together.
    For marketing groups, marketing for the virtual fair is a breeze. Through outlets like social media and advertising platforms, you can market the fairs to a large audience. We’ll help you every step of the way!

    Save time, generate awareness and demonstrate the return on your event investment with our event solutions.