With DutchExpo virtual experiences, the online world becomes more participative and interactive than ever. Leave behind traditional communication methods and enter a virtual world where you can turn your events of all kinds into unique and fun experiences, without the need to travel.

 Save time and money
 Significantly reduce CO2 emissions
 Create unique experiences for your event attendees
 Increase your audience reach by eliminating physical barriers

Responsive and dynamic layout compatible on all screen sizes across mobiles, tabs & desktops

  • Main Hall and Lounch

    The virtual main hall is the entry point for any online event. Here, attendees can familiarise themselves with the event, interact with other attendees and enter the other online event areas.

    Get familiar
    Typically, participants can watch a teaser or welcome video, which tells them the most important information about the virtual event. There is also an information booth where attendees can find any assistance they might need.

    Attendees also have the chance to network and interact with one another in the lounge area, an additional feature of the main hall. We have integrated multiple social networking capabilities (Facebook, LinkedIn) in order to enable communication, helping to ensure that contacts are not lost once the event is over.

    The main hall is also the navigation center for virtual events. From here attendees can access all other areas of the event, such as a keynote theater with video presentations or an exhibition hall with virtual booths. Since the virtual event platform supports events of unlimited size, it is also possible to access further exhibition halls, thus adding additional navigation layers for very large events.

  • Keynote Theater

    The DutchExpo platform will be the virtual place where conferences will take place and where individual exhibitor presentations will be presented. The Keynote Theater gets inspired by the most influential speakers, the most relevant brands.

    The virtual keynote theater is the broadcasting component of your online event. Each virtual event should include some pseudo-live parts, since this strengthens the interaction and produces a real "event feeling" for the participants.

    The virtual keynote theater is the broadcasting component of your online event.

    Lively interaction
    In order to enable lively interaction, video presentations can be run in combination with our chat feature. Live chats will start automatically during the presentation. Answers will be submitted in the group chat.

    The virtual auditorium is mainly used for interaction in a group. Personal interaction takes place in the at the virtual booths.

  • Exhibition Hall with Boots

    In the virtual exhibition hall, conference attendees can browse through booths. These virtual booths can be adjusted to your corporate identity, and all elements can be more or less tailored to your wishes, depending on how you want to present your content.

    In the virtual exhibition hall, attendees can browse the booths. These virtual booths can be adjusted according to your corporate identity, and all elements within the booths, such as video screens and document sections, can be emphasized to varying degrees depending on how important they are for you.

    Live interaction with booth staff
    You can also staff each booth with individual booth personnel. As soon as they log in to the platform, their personal life like avatar appears in the booth. Each booth visitor can simply click on one of these avatars to either start a video chat or a text based chat.