Virtual events aim to achieve the same end effect as traditional, physical exhibitions: participants learn about a particular topic, and have to opportunity to exchange ideas with one another and with the organisers. A good virtual event pays equal attention to both goals.

  • Reduce costs

    When it comes to tight budgets, the high costs caused by travel expenses and hiring a booth are important points.

    For physical events, participants don’t just have to pay for their flights, hotel and travel. They also lose time doing so, which could otherwise be spent working. This changes with the virtualization of events. No more bills from airlines, hotels, or cab drivers. Considering these travel costs, the business case behind an online event is obvious. When the direct costs for the exhibition or the catering are taken into consideration, this calculation further supports the use of of virtual events.

  • Enhance reach and interaction

    With your own online event you give your visitors more flexibility to be present. Make use of options such as chat, voice and data insights to respond even better to the wishes of your visitors 'live'.

    Distance is no issue anymore with virtual events. Exhibitors can situated at any country to take part of the event. Attendees can also come from anywhere.

  • Remove restrictions

    An online event gives you complete control over content, presentations, look & feel, marketing and data. Organize the event exactly the way you want it, so that it fully meets the wishes of your target group. You’re in control!

    Limit travel
    Research shows that in many industries a manager attends about 4 to 6 events (conferences, lectures, trade shows and training) per year. Save your customers a few hours a month by offering your next event online.

    There are also other, less obvious benefits of an online event. A virtual event allows you to only participate in the parts you’re interested in. Do you just want to see one keynote and briefly talk to one of your consultants at a specific booth? If the event is virtual, you can do just that and be back at your desk after an hour if the event is virtual. Try this at a physical event! Virtual events remove time and place restrictions and ensure that everyone who wants to participate can do so. Our platform ensures that this interactivity is just as good as it would be on a physical event.

    One of the most popular benefits of hosting a virtual conference is that it can be accessed from ANY device, on ANY browser, and from ANY part of the world. Hosting a virtual event of this nature lets you address a wider audience without the need for them to spend exorbitant amounts on travel and/or accommodation, naturally making the trade off easier, and the attendance higher.

  • Go green

    It almost goes without saying; the costs for your own online trade show are many times lower than a traditional fair or event. Less costs for stand construction, logistics and travel are just a few cost items that will be lower. In addition, the much smaller 'carbon footprint' makes an online event incredibly sustainable.

    The sustainable event trend is continuing to grow with no signs of stopping so it’s time to get on board! Many businesses and event planners have already begun brainstorming how to implement ways they can make their events environmentally friendly.

    By virtualizing an event, you also contribute to a sustainable economy. Travel (car, train, plane) is one of the main sources of global warming. This extensive traveling is no longer necessary for online events! By virtualizing physical events you can therefore save thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions!